Levi Berens’ joy lights up a playroom at Mott as he plays with Glenn Green, M.D., the surgeon who brought hope and health to the toddler.
Fall 2018

By Katie Vloet

3D printing makes personalized devices and models possible

Bridging medicine and law
Summer 2017

By Katie Vloet

Bridging medicine and law

Daniel H. Teitelbaum
Winter 2017

A pediatric surgeon whose work focused improving children's lives

Helping Kids Heal
Spring 2016

By Lauren Crawford
Photos by Eric Bronson

Mott program heartens hospitalized children

model of mouse brain tumor
March 2016

Kara Gavin

Children with brain cancer may soon get some help from mice with the same disease, thanks to new research from U-M Medical School scientists and their colleagues.

faucet dripping
March 2016

By Tammy Chang and Nicole Gergen

Public uproar over lead poisoning in children due to the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, has dominated the news cycle this winter.

Decoding Cancer
Fall-Winter 2015

By Lily Raff McCaulou
Photos by Noah Stephens

The new precision medicine program at the U-M uses patients’ DNA and RNA to match them with personalized treatments.

Sketches of medical device prototypes created by patients during a Design my Diabetes Solution workshop.
Fall-Winter 2015

By Allison Wilson
Photographs by Sarah Nesbitt

A team of interdisciplinary collaborators at the U-M is creating a culture where patients, caregivers and the community participate in the design of health systems, tools and technologies.