Fall 2000

VOL. 2


"An Example Worthy of Imitation"

Medical School, 1850-2000

Five Women Determined to be Doctors

and the role Michigan Played in Helping Them Achieve their Dream

Graduation Day

You can now stand at the door of medicine as it was practiced a century...

Looking Ahead to the Bicentennial...

technology genomics proteomics bioinformatics As Lee Bollinger,...

Sesqui- Stupendous

Final Sesqui Timeline Centerfold (1976 to 2000)

The Deans

Portraits of the Medical


A Michigan's Doctor's Office

Circa 1908


Fall 2000 38 Fall 2000 Telling the assembled students that they would “...

How It Was Then:

Alumni Remember Their Days at the U-M Medical School

Letters to the Editor

The Work of Udo Wile

MCAS Nominations Sought

The Medical Center Alumni Society is requesting nominations for the...

More Questions

"Will Professionalism be a casualty of Modern Medicine?"...

On the Move

Residents Wrap Up Personal Business at the First Annual House Officer Exit...

Sesquicentennial Highlights

This special issue of Medicine at Michigan marks the culmination of the...

Who Said Medical School isn't a Picnic?

In a memorable week that saw them achieve their dreams of becoming...