Medicine at Michigan Spring 2005

Spring 2005

VOL. 7


Called to Help and Heal

U-M physicians and nurses take Michigan medicine to developing countries...

Called to Help and Heal

Global Reach

A grassroots student initiative allies with the medical school to organize...

Seth Blumberg, Priya Saigal and Tammy Chang.


The Good, the bad and the Deadly

Inflamation's Dark Side


Above the Huron

Gene Therapy; Misfolded Molecules; Simulation Station

Yehoash Raphael

Class Notes

Updates from U-M alumni

Morley attended the Medical School Reunion in October 2004 where he visited with friends at the tailgate party

Focus on Philanthropy

Diabetes' Elusive Cure...

Bill and Dee Brehm

From the Dean

“It behooves us to share what we have learned and what we can do, to...

In Print

Books and Journals Written or Edited by Medical School Faculty

In Support of MedicalResearch

with Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Robert Kelch

In the Limelight

Highlights for U-M Medical School alumni and faculty

It's a Match!

Match Day 2005

Carey Chicorel marks her match with the University of Chicago.


Readers letters to the editor

William Selezinka in the pediatric ophthalmology ward of the hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk in 1996


Memories of Medicine at Michigan

Anderson (front row, center) and members of his genetics staff on the roof of the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital on January 10, 1949

Lifting the Burden...Realizing the Dream

"I Want to Help the Next 'Me' Out There ... "...

James Sobeski

Looking Back

'I Knew I Must Try'...

Hubert Eaton, Althea Gibson and Hubert Eaton Jr.

Message from the Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs

“Our ability to remain a leader in biomedical research and health care...


“I told him that the doctors taking care of him would be excellent, and he...

Danielle Turner-Lawrence