Forum Letter to the Editor

Winter 2017
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“I just want to say thank you for finding my story [“Mark of Success,” fall 2016] unique enough to publish. I’ve been approached by faculty members and strangers alike, enabling me to expand my platform and educate people on the importance of diverse representation in medicine.” 

Kristian Black (M.D. 2019)



“I was thrilled to see a picture and a feature [“Course Correction,” fall 2016] about one of my mentors, Stuart Flynn. Stuart was my program director when I was a pathology resident at Yale. A charismatic, inspiring, fun-loving, fantastic teacher for medical students and residents, Stuart’s teaching sessions were always boisterous, rife with Michigan stories. I arrived at Ann Arbor … last year as faculty and [am] leading a few initiatives for our medical students in the Global Health & Disparity track. One of them is a project in the Upper Peninsula with Michigan Technological University. Your article mentioned Stuart’s past goal was serving people in the Upper Peninsula. Well, he is doing this through his former trainee — i.e., me. I got this covered for you, Stuart, while you carry on with your passion of leading medical students in Texas.” 

Rajan Dewar, M.D., Ph.D. 
Associate professor of hematopathology and molecular genetic pathology; director, Hematology Laboratory