Jean M. Malouin

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Jean M. Malouin, M.D.

Fall 2018
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Jean M. Malouin (M.D. 1991, Residency 1994), MPH, assistant professor of family medicine, died unexpectedly from medical causes on March 10, 2018. A faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine since 1994, Malouin maintained a family medicine continuity practice at Briarwood Family Medicine for more than 20 years, specializing in women’s health and care of transgender patients. She served as medical director for Briarwood Family Medicine from 1996–2008 and associate chair for clinical programs in the Department of Family Medicine from 2002–2013. She helped guide the department through significant clinical transformation, including development of team-based care, population management using the ClinfoTracker registry system, and implementation of the MiChart electronic health record. She had many national and regional leadership roles, including medical director and co-project lead for the Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project, a vast statewide multi-payer, patient-centered medical home pilot project. 

In 2012, Malouin began a part-time position with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan as a medical director with the value partnerships group, helping to develop a care-management resource center for physician organizations statewide. She also served on the executive committee of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that promotes the development of team-based primary care. 


This obituary, originally published in the University Record, has been edited for clarity and length.