Bella Shah


By Design

By Lauren Crawford; Photo by J. Adrian Wylie

Winter 2017
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Bella Shah (M.D. 2016) was always doodling as a kid. As an undergraduate — and later a medical student — at U-M, Shah worked hard to intertwine her love of fine arts and design with her academic pursuits. In 2015, those interests culminated in one historic moment: She was asked to redesign the Medical School’s flag. Now a resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Shah reflects on this pleasure and privilege. 

“I was touched that the administration thought of me for such a project. Medicine involves understanding the patient perspective … and the sharing of narratives. Design, too, is a discussion: I can’t think of a better way to explore storytelling, non-verbal communication and multiple perspectives than through creative expression and visual representation. It was an honor to have such a legacy left at the university.” 

—Bella Shah