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Summer 2020
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In the early days of the pandemic, signs of support for front-line health care workers cropped up around town and on social media. Here are a few of our favorite Instagram photos from that time. 

Post from paws4patients on April 1 (357 likes). Not all superheroes wear capes! Fawn & Denver wanted to say a big thank you to the Frontline Super Heroes at @umichmedicine and @mottchildren who are working tirelessly to keep the Michigan community safe! Thank you for all you do! #HailtotheFrontLine
Instagram post from anniekarnett on April 2 (15 likes). This brightened my day today (yellow heart, blue heart, yellow heart, blue heart) #hailtothefrontline #michiganmedicine
Instagram post from maggie_bateson on April 1 (31 likes). #HailToTheFrontline (yellow heart, blue heart)
Instagram post from emily_glarum on April 2 (64 likes). I feel honored to work alongside some of Michigan’s finest heroes (yellow heart, blue heart) #thankYOU #hailtothefrontline #kindnessiscontagious #hopeisnotcancelled #unitedwestand #just6feetapart