Photo portrait of man in white physician's coat
Summer 2022

Nicole Fawcett

The prize is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which also awards Nobel Prizes

Summer 2022

Jen A. Miller

Breakthroughs in the field of genomics are revolutionizing prevention, diagnosis, and care

Outdoor portrait of an older white couple surrounded by family members
May 2021

By Maggie Callahan-Mabus

Bringing awareness to metastatic breast cancer

Margo Cohen
Winter 2020


A physician chronicles a “lack of humanity” during her husband’s cancer journey

Winter 2020

Promising research on blood flow during surgery

Changing the Way We Talk About Cancer
Winter 2019


How militaristic language can hurt instead of heal

Discoveries and Advances
Spring 2018

A selection of the significant breakthroughs in cancer research at U-M

Eric Fearon
Spring 2018

By Nicole Fawcett

Philanthropy, internal funding can fill gaps when federal funding decreases

Rogel Cancer Center
Spring 2018

By Katie Vloet and Nicole Fawcett

Shaping the future of cancer care and research