Illustration of people standing, walking a dog, lifting weights and biking
Summer 2021

By Katie Whitney

How the National Poll on Healthy Aging became a household name

Lena Chen, M.D.
Winter 2020

Remembering a passionate health policy advocate

A group of cute animals
Summer 2019

By Kara Gavin

A recent poll found that pets play a major role in older adults’ lives

Summer 2019

By Lauren Crawford

How your everyday actions create unregulated health data

Disparities in Life-Threatening Birth Experiences
Winter 2019

How women’s racial and ethnic backgrounds affect pregnancy outcomes

Rise in Meth and Opioid Use During Pregnancy
Winter 2019


Increases in urban and rural environments have led to a public health crisis

Gupta Hackathon
Spring 2018

The first-ever Gupta Family Hackathon for Health Communication

The ACA and Healthy Michigan Plan's impact
Summer 2017

The ACA and Healthy Michigan Plan's impact

2016 CSP Participants
May 2017

By Kara Gavin

As the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program comes to an end, a new program launches and builds on its successes.