Mental Health

Winter 2022

By Julie Halpert

A newfound purpose in the wake of a suicide

little girl playing in pool
Summer 2021

And how to regain and bolster social skills that might have atrophied during lockdown

Medical professional wearing mask, safety glasses, gloves and face shield standing in front of the globe
Spring 2021

By Katie Whitney

Can talking about failure reform the “toxic” culture of medical education?

Pregnant woman walking in the city in a sunny day protecting herself with a cloth face mask
Fall 2020

By Katie Whitney

New research shows pregnant women are freaked out.

Cloud inside head
Fall 2020

By Katie Whitney

Research shows the pandemic has made life harder, but simple strategies can help.

Girl wearing mask behind glass with coronavirus drawings
Fall 2020

By Katie Whitney

How COVID-19 is affecting young people’s health.

Sad Girl in Solitude from Social Distancing in COVID-19 coronavirus crisis
Fall 2020

By Katie Vloet and Katie Whitney

Patient stories, expert perspective, and how we can thrive in the new normal

Illustration credit: Fernando Cobelo
Fall 2020

By Katie Whitney

The new normal could be the best time of your life.

William "Bill" R. Uttal
Fall 2017

Professor emeritus of psychology